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Welcome to the web pages of the Polish language program at the University of
Michigan in Ann Arbor!

This website introduces you to the Polish program of the Slavic Department at
the University of Michigan. You can find general information about Polish
literature and language courses offered in our department as well as
information about our teaching faculty.

Our website contains study materials to help students deepen their knowledge
and interest of the Polish language. It also provides useful supplementary
materials for instructors teaching at all levels of Polish. You can refer to
these materials on the internet or print out individual pages and games to use
in class.

The Polish language website consists of the following sections:

  • Flash Cards and Games
  • Grammar
  • Culture


Below you will find a description of each section:

Flash Cards & Games:
Created as a supplemental visual tool, flash cards and
games are very helpful in teaching elementary level students, especially
during the first six months of instruction. This material is easily adaptable
to use in any foreign language classroom and we encourage you to share it with
other language instructors!

This site contains basic images are organized by topics (clothing, food,
transportation, etc...) and provided in two sizes. In their original size,
these images can be used as flash cards. In their reduced size, instructors
can cut and paste them into vocabulary quizzes, exercises, and tests as well
as use them to illustrate additional materials created for the classroom.

Card games and board games make vocabulary review easier and more
attractive. They also enable students to activate their newly learned
conversational and grammar skills and help students interact with others in
the language classroom. Games are particularly important for classes with high
enrollment, ensuring that all students are actively participating in classroom

The grammar section is aimed at students of every level of proficiency. It is
an excellent summary of newly acquired grammar topics for first year Polish
students. It also provides well organized grammar reference for more advanced

Each grammar chapter is preceded by a Note to Instructors. These notes enable
instructors to adapt the material to a particular teaching plan. The notes
list what students need to know before an instructor assigns that particular
page/"handout". There are also suggestions on when to teach the material.

The culture section provides a description of some important and interesting
customs and cultural events in the daily life of Poles. Each section is meant
to provide an additional path toward awakening interest and excitement about
Poland and its people.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for our site, please email

Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

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