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First Year Serbo-Croatian: SC 131/132
An introduction to the grammar of the Principal Literary Language of the former Yugoslavia, with exercises in reading, writing and speaking, including drills in the language laboratory.
(4 undergraduate credits)

Second Year Serbo-Croatian: SC 231/232
This course builds on work done in 131/132 First Year Serbo-Croatian, and assumes a good knowledge of the grammatical structure of the language. Emphasis is placed first on reading Serbo-Croatian and second on developing increased competence in speaking and writing. Opportunities are provided outside the classroom for conversation as well as for cultural activities (video, film, folk dance, native cuisine, etc.). (4 undergraduate credits)

Directed Reading of Serbo-Croatian Literature: SC 439
The course is designed to provide opportunity for extensive reading in Serbo-Croatian of a variety of materials at an advanced level. The subject matter covered depends upon the preparation and interest of the individual student. Texts range from belles-lettres, short stories and novels, to journalism and history. (1-4 undergraduate credits)

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