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This videoclip comes from the movie Honor Lap of the Marathon Runners by Slobodan Sijan.
It is based on the script by Dusan Kovacevic. The story is set in the mid-thirties in a small Serbian
town where the local undertakers, the Topalovic family, tries to open a crematorium and confronts their business-partner, the town mobster, Bili Piton. Bili's daughter of questionable morale Kristina is sought by the youngest Topalovic Mirko for marriage..

Dusan Kovacevic accurately portrays the mentality of the time and place, especially the patriarchal order of society which is even more emphasized by the fact that among six
generations of Topalovics there are no women. Kovacevic's witty text makes this movie seem more of a hilarious comedy than an intense drama...

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